Fantasty Foodball Kickoff

Our favorite athletes have returned to the gridiron, which officially kicks off the fall season. Many will be indulging themselves not only in keeping their eyes glued to the TV screens, but their fantasy scores as well. Fantasy football is an ever-popular phenomenon, but we’re stepping it up a notch. We’re playing Fantasty Foodball.

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#FundMySupperBowl: Winner Announced, More Chances to Get Fed

Earlier this month, we invited EatStreeters to vie for $200 in EatStreet cash to fund their football-watching parties. And boy, did #FundMySupperBowlSpread deliver. We pulled all your entries and we’ve chosen the grand prize winner! Was it YOU? Read on to find out! Continue reading “#FundMySupperBowl: Winner Announced, More Chances to Get Fed”

Online Food Ordering for the Big Game

With great sports comes great hunger. Each year, the big football game is one of our busiest at EatStreet. We pulled our online food ordering stats from last year and have them all dressed up in an infographic below. Looking for how pizza performed or whether hot wings won? Check it out below. Continue reading “Online Food Ordering for the Big Game”

Fund My ‘Supper Bowl’ Spread

The football face-off of the year has been determined. And for you, dear EatStreeter, we’ve got a contest of strength and speed of our own. We want to hook up you and your #FoodCrew with all the eats for the most epic football-watchin’ party you can muster — it’s time for: Fund My Supper Bowl Spread!

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Bibimbap: the real Super Bowl?

In less than a week, a cast of water birds and a herd of horses will meet in the Super Bowl. The game is the most important of the season. The stakes are high. Everyone will be watching.

Yet, there is a problem. The name “Super Bowl” suggests that it is the best bowl of all. As for me, I think the NFL’s claim is rather tenuous. I humbly submit that a better bowl exists.

The bowl I have in mind involves no football, no birds, and certainly no horses. Nevertheless, the bowl might be the best. It might just be—dare I say—Super.


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