Netflix and Chill(i): The Best TV Show and Food Pairings

Virtually nothing works better together than food and watching TV. There’s something so simple about just zoning out to the screen and munching on nomz that everyone can appreciate it. Colby Palmer from Pop Top! Podcast was able to compile a list of very best Netflix and food pairings that all people can enjoy.
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Food for Thought: Food Ordering Stats for Finals

You’re in a small room. You’re surrounded by paper. Everything’s dark, save for the luminescent glow of your laptop screen. You’re studying for finals.

Is that sound your brain caving in, or your stomach eating away at itself?

The only way to salvation is through a break, a break that only EatStreet can provide.

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March Madnomz: Food Court Championship

We made it, fam. It’s finally time for the very first Food Court Championship. It’s been an outstanding tournament with more twists and turns than a road with, like, a lot of twists and turns. Now it’s down to two heavyweights: BBQ Wings versus Pepperoni Pizza. Today is the only day to decide who will be named March Madnomz bracket champion of the food universe!  Continue reading “March Madnomz: Food Court Championship”