EatStreet Rides for Charity

Several members of the EatStreet team recently participated in the Bike for the Boys & Girls Club. After CEO Matt Howard had a rewarding experience last year, he brought an entire posse along this year to support Madison’s youth. Eleven employees participated in the ride at both the 8 and 25 miles distances.  EatStreeters raised over $2,000 for an important cause and had a great time.

photo 3

“The ride toured Madison’s best lake views and ended at Edgewood College, where we were greeted with live music, a grilled lunch, and Culver’s custard. It was a great team-building event for us that we will definitely be repeating in upcoming years. The event also marked a personal milestone for me. I was in a bad bike accident back in April and had not been on a bike since. A charity bike ride with my friends and coworkers was the impetus I needed to conquer my fears.”

-Emily Orner, Director of Team Development & Recruitment

“The bike ride was a great time. I really enjoyed biking around and being able to see parts of Madison that I had never seen before. This was the first charity event I had done in awhile, but it won’t be my last. It’s such a rewarding feeling giving back to your community and having a fun time doing it. I’ll definitely do it again next year!”

-Jack Wilson, Executive Account Manager 

Thanks to everyone who donated to the Boys and Girls Club on behalf of the EatStreet team!

Celebrate 10K EatStreet Restaurants & Yelp Partnership

Today is a big day at EatStreet and we want you to celebrate with us. We’re very happy to announce that EatStreet and Yelp have teamed up to bring online ordering to thousands more of Yelp’s restaurants and their customers.

People already visit Yelp to read reviews and find new restaurants, and they can now order their food directly from many more restaurant pages on Yelp, courtesy of our integration into the Yelp Platform. Restaurants benefiting from the new capabilities are in major metropolitan centers such as New York and Chicago, as well as EatStreet’s key markets, including cities such as Madison and Iowa City.

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EatStreet Raises $6 Million


EatStreet recently secured $6 million in Series B investment funding. The investment will be used to expand into additional markets, double our workforce, and remain at the vanguard of technological development.

Founded in 2010 by then-University of Wisconsin students, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s largest and most technologically advanced online food ordering services. Now in their mid-twenties, our leaders launched the business as BadgerBites and won the University of Wisconsin’s G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition.

“Four years ago, we realized there was a gap between tech-savvy college students and mom-and-pop restaurants. We wanted to empower them to better reach young customers and compete with the big guys,” said our CEO and co-founder Matt Howard, who graduated from UW in 2011 with a degree in economics. Co-founders Eric Martell and Alex Wyler both studied computer science.

Our first office was a five-bedroom house on Orchard Street. As the number of restaurants grew, so did the hours of data entry. To make sure restaurants’ needs were met in a timely fashion, the team would throw data entry parties, inviting over friends to help with the new business and rewarding them with free food.

Part of the $6 million Series B investment funding will go toward enhancing the customer ordering experience. “We’ve challenged ourselves with a very aggressive product roadmap, placing a strong emphasis on mobile. To start, our iPhone and Android apps, as well as our mobile website are all getting revamped,” added Howard. To accomplish our goals, we’ve doubled our development team, which now includes talented engineers from both Facebook and Google.

“Since day one, we’ve continuously evolved. Staying true to our mission of offering intuitive ordering solutions and unparalleled customer service, we’ve become something much more,” said Howard. “We’re also a marketing engine that drives local commerce by connecting restaurants with hungry customers in exciting new ways. This investment will empower us to push more boundaries and tackle more challenges. Specifically some strategic partnerships we’re finalizing that will help us unlock new avenues for growth and customer acquisition.”

We recently moved into a brand new 9,000 square-foot office overlooking Madison’s picturesque Lake Monona. This space will accommodate plans to double our workforce in 2014.

“We absolutely love doing business in Madison,” Howard said. “It’s a young, tech-driven city within striking distance of some much larger markets. We love watching our restaurants’ success, especially those we regularly eat at ourselves.”

New EatStreet Restaurants in Ithaca, NY

Dragon Roll

A visit to Tokyo Hibachi Sushi & Asian Bistro enthralls your senses as master cooks sizzle meats and vegetables on teppanyaki grills right in front of your eyes. Now you can experience all their best dishes, including their Dragon Roll (above) and Kani Salad (crab and cucumber, below), from the comfort of your home or office.

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Get to Know EatStreet’s Cole Roberts


EatStreet’s employees are some of the most dedicated professionals you’ll ever meet. Surprisingly, though, they do have interesting personal lives. Take a few minutes to get to know interaction designer Cole Roberts, who works in EatStreet’s headquarters in Madison, WI.

When did you start working for EatStreet?

I started working for EatStreet in late March of this year. Before that, I was an intern at gener8tor, one of EatStreet’s investors.

What do you do at EatStreet?

I design websites and user interfaces. While I mostly focus on the visual side of things, I also do a bit of user experience design. Additionally, I help design print and marketing materials.

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New Restaurants in Tucson, Arizona


Take a trip to Hawaii without leaving your home. Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue serves up irresistable eats from the islands, including beautiful Grilled Mahi Mahi (above), Kalbi Short Ribs, and Kalua Pork. Sweeten things up with one of Mama’s moist Hawaiian cakes for dessert.

Mama’s is one of many outrageously good Tucson restaurants recently added to Here are a few more:

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EatStreet in the Press

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 10.23.54 AM

The EatStreet story has been marked by excitement and innovation, especially in the last six months. We are constantly unveiling some very cool things and the press has taken notice.

Two articles from earlier this year capture the spirit of EatStreet’s commitment to facilitating online commerce using creative technological solutions.

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A Cordial Introduction

Do you like to eat, read, or both? If so, then you’re going to love this blog. Dishin’ It Out is your source for fresh food news, mouthwatering food ideas, EatStreet contests & promotions, hot new restaurants, a dash of gastronomic entertainment, and so much more.

Dishin’ It Out is presented by EatStreet. We’re a rapidly expanding company based in Madison, Wisconsin, that seeks to bridge the gap between restaurants and diners. We provide restaurants all over the country with an online ordering platform, Facebook ordering, mobile apps, custom website design, and much more. Our products and services give restaurants the tools they need to serve you better. Currently, we partner with over 1,000 restaurants in more than 24 cities nationwide. If you’re a restaurant owner, you can learn how to sign up here. If you’re a diner, be sure to visit to find our online food court in your city.

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