EatStreet Gives Back: Camp Kesem

Today I’m taking everyone on a virtual tour of Camp Kesem, which provides a network of free summer camps run by college students and year-long peer support for kids affected by a parent’s cancer. Camp Kesem is one of the non-profits on our donation list in East Lansing, Michigan.

kesem canoeing smiles

Mai-Lan Pham, the Marketing Manager of Camp Kesem, explains what they’re all about:

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EatStreet Gives Back: Best Buddies

Hello and welcome once again to the land of non-profits. Every trip down EatStreet ends with the choice to direct a small donation to a local non-profit. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of those non-profits–Best Buddies of the Greater Milwaukee area, where individuals with and without disabilities have been given an important gift–the gift of friendship.


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EatStreet Gives Back: Ask.Listen.Save.

Today we are spotlighting one of our hometown organizations in Madison, Wisconsin, Ask.Listen.Save. The goal of this registered student organization is to help reduce the stigmas surrounding mental health issues and suicide. College can be tough and stressful, so the folks at Ask.Listen.Save are here to support and educate their peers. I’d like to introduce Abi Valero, a member on the board of Ask.Listen.Save. He tells us more about their mission and what the organization means to him.

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Street Smarts: Halloween Answers

Last week we celebrated the spookiest day of the year with the #TreatStreet contest and some trivia questions. While we were busy working with our restaurants, I’m sure you were spending your waking hours carving jack-o-lanterns and waiting for the Great Pumpkin.


Here are the answers to last week’s Street Smarts trivia questions:

Question 1: Which candy has the day before Halloween devoted to it?

Answer 1: Candy Corn

Question 2: What is the largest pumpkin pie ever baked?

Answer 2: A 2,020 pound pumpkin pie. 

Question 3: What Michael Jackson song is number 1 on the Billboard Top 10 Halloween Songs?

Answer 3: “Thriller” 

Question 4: What is the full name of the main character in the classic 1993 Halloween/Christmas mashup film?

Answer 4: Jack Skellington 

Question 5: According to National Geographic News what was the top child’s costume in 2010?

Answer 5: A Princess

Top 5 Worst Halloween Costumes

We all have Halloween horror stories from childhood. One year you were literally running from house to house just to get more candy than your best friend, only to find out that she scored an entire bag of Snickers from some lonely old man. Or how about when you were six and you argued with your mom in the costume shop for an hour because you refused to accept anything other than the awkwardly revealing Little Mermaid or the all too stereotypical Indian Chief? Yes, we all have embarrassing Halloween stories. So let’s laugh it off by recognizing the top five worst halloween costumes:

dog costme

5. The Furry Mermaid

Dressing up pets… it’s just not right. They put up with us shlepping them around from place to place everyday. The least we can do is let them enjoy Halloween as a themselves, not some half-baked hybrid creature.

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Restaurant Profile: D.P. Dough

When you think of Illinois, you think of Chicago, the land of deep dish pizza and ‘Chicago Dogs.’ While you can enjoy a piece of deep dish pizza with a fork and knife, wouldn’t you rather be folding it in half and letting the grease run down your arm as you stuff your face? Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme. Let’s keep the self-indulgence and eliminate the mess. How about eating a pizza nestled into a nice little pocket with all the ingredients kept warm within a folded, salty dough?

D.P. Dough Food

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This Week Is Devoted To Kraut

Love it or hate it, everyone has an opinion on sauerkraut. Personally, I love it. I think it is the only way to eat a brat or to have a proper Ruben (clearly I’m from Wisconsin). It all comes down the kraut quality. It has to have the perfect bit of tang to quench the taste buds and just the right amount of crunch. All you lovers out there know exactly what I am talking about. Having soggy kraut is like having soggy bread on a PB&J.


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EatStreet Gives Back: Iowa Youth Writing Program

Look back to the last time that you ordered on – did you take the time to select an organization to give back to?

Today I am proud to introduce you to Elle Wignall, the Development Intern for the Iowa Youth Writing Project, one the organizations listed on EatStreet – Iowa City. This is what she had to say about the wonderful organization she is a part of:

“The Iowa Youth Writing Project is a nonprofit organization focused on integrating Iowa City’s amazing literary tradition with the talented, creative, and energetic youth in the area. Through, almost always, free language arts workshops and events, made possible by our great volunteers and partners, we aim to empower, inspire, and educate Iowa’s youth.

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Top 5 Ways To Eat A Pumpkin


Although there is a timeless tradition of pumpkin carving, I’ve learned that there are other ways to enjoy this odd, orange fruit that don’t involve candles or scary faces.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t carve your pumpkin to keep all those scary monsters out of your house. By all means, keep doing that. But there are so many ways to eat a pumpkin and I’m going to tell you about five of my favorites.

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