Satisfying your APPetite: Introducing Our Mobile Apps

At EatStreet, we’re all about convenience.  Our story began with a couple hungry college kids who were too lazy to reach for the phone to call a restaurant.  The next chapter in the EatStreet saga is shaking things up a bit; we’re giving hungry people everywhere the ability to order food right from their phone without having to make a call in the process.  That’s right, we’re referring to our snazzy new apps.

EatStreet’s apps give a pretty interesting window into how we do business at our headquarters in Madison, WI.  Like every decision we make, it started with you, the customer.  We had a mobile friendly website that did the job, and we were amazed to see an increasing number of sales every week being placed from our users’ phones.  Every Monday, all twenty of us have an analytics driven meeting where we dive into the numbers from previous weeks. At a certain point we realized our mobile market was growing the fastest, even though we were not offering an app.  We even started placing bets internally to see who could most accurately project growth (which got pretty wild).



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Savory Sounds: Music at the EatStreet Office

3497849677_9798b22910_zWandering the halls of the EatStreet office, you’ll quickly realize that we’re a crazy bunch. The folks at EatStreet HQ come from different backgrounds and have many different interests. Nobody wants to see me play volleyball, but Kara won the state championship in high school. Likewise, most of my jokes get more groans than laughs, but Sam interned for the Daily Show with John Stewart. My unique talent? I caught all 150 Pokemon on my Gameboy back in the day.

There is one thing that EatStreet HQ-ers all have in common: they love music. That’s about where the similarities end, though. We all have different tastes. We work with two guys who were music majors, another guy who has been to over seventy shows in 2013, and a couple die-hard Lady Gaga fans. Here’s some of what you might find us jamming to if you happen to wander into our office.

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Seven Stats from our Numbers Nerd

I’ve always been a numbers guy.  Like most kids, I went to the McDonald’s Playland a few times when I was young. But unlike everyone else, I didn’t jump around and attempt to eat the balls. Rather, I was the dork standing next to the pit trying to figure out how many balls there were (accounting for displacement of people, of course). In high school, my interest in math led to a few academic trophies and a couple of calculus rap videos.  Suffice it to say, the ladies wouldn’t stop calling.

Winding the clock forward a bit, being a part of EatStreet has been a dream come true for a nerd like myself.  In the early days of the company, I styled the website. Not something you want from a dude who holds a crayon like a baseball bat:


Megabites: Introduction

Hi EatStreeters!  I’m Eric Martell, co-founder and COO of EatStreet.  I’ll lead off with a joke:

Q: What did the hungry computer eat?

A: Chips!  One byte at a time.

I’m sure that’s the funniest thing you’ve read all day!

As Dishin’ it Out progresses, I’ll be writing posts called “Megabites.” I’ll be talking about our product and sharing exciting news from our company.  Today, however, I’ll just start with a brief blurb about the three EatStreet co-founders: Matt Howard, Alex Wyler, and myself. We started EatStreet in 2009 in Madison, WI, as BadgerBites, for three reasons.

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