Author: Danny Mulligan

Whet Your Autumn APPetite

When does autumn officially arrive? Is it when the sun crosses the celestial equator? When chlorophyll breaks down, leaving the deciduous forest forlorn and barren? Or is it when you realize it’s getting dark real quick and you snap that uber cute Insta-pic of your Ugg boots perfectly paired with […]

Fantasty Foodball Is In Season

There are certain topics where everyone claims to be an expert. Football season rolls in and somehow your barber has evolved into a prophet. Apparently his clairvoyant visions have revealed which rookie running back will have 12 TDs and which quarterback will have the career ending injury that puts Joe […]

Top 10 Finals Foods

It’s that special time of year when every college student transforms into an unstoppable scholarly robot programmed to perform two functions: “MUST EAT FOOD. MUST DO FINALS.” Personal vanity is quickly forgotten. Your last good night of sleep was a week ago. But hey – at least you’ve got hella dinner […]

#FlixFood Winner Unveiled

Congratulations to Cameron Olson from Madison, WI on winning $20 of free food and a $20 iTunes gift card from the #FlixFood Giveaway! This lucky fellow can start off his week like a king. When Saturday night’s poor decisions catch up to you on Monday, who wouldn’t want to summon free dinner with a […]

Treat Yourself To #FlixFood

Have you been putting the ‘pro’ in procrastinate? We won’t judge if you have. In fact, we’ll help you do it with style. Enter our #FlixFood giveaway for a chance to win a free movie night in, courtesy of EatStreet and Flixfindr! On Monday, 3/30/15 the winner will receive $20 of free food and a $20 iTunes […]

CampusSpecial Food Is Now Powered By EatStreet

You’re probably familiar with CampusSpecial, the online food ordering company serving college students all over the country with their specials and famous coupon books. Today we’re excited to announce that EatStreet has teamed up with CampusSpecial to give you the best experience possible. Everything you love about Campus Special has moved to EatStreet. […]

Celebrate 10K EatStreet Restaurants & Yelp Partnership

Today is a big day at EatStreet and we want you to celebrate with us. We’re very happy to announce that EatStreet and Yelp have teamed up to bring online ordering to thousands more of Yelp’s restaurants and their customers. People already visit Yelp to read reviews and find new restaurants, […]

#1 Foodie Call Of 2013: Cast Your Vote

It’s time to decide who had the most gratifying, shame-defying Foodie Call of 2013. Check out EatStreet’s Top 10 list and cast your vote on Twitter by retweeting your favorite. Whoever gets the most retweets before the new year will win the grand prize — $500 of free food on […]

EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #1

It’s time to bring the Foodie Call Sweepstakes to a close. Everything good must come to an end and Foodie Calls are certainly no exception. But don’t be too sad. I’ve heard from some pretty reliable sources that the ending is actually the best part of the Foodie Call. Today’s winner is […]

EatStreet’s Top 10 Foodie Calls: #2

As we near the end of this sweepstakes, we can look back and see all the goofy ways people have called upon EatStreet to turn their foodie fantasies into reality. And that was the main motivation for setting up this sweepstakes in the first place — to open up a […]