Author: Chelsea Schulz

You Wanna Be (an) EatStreet BA?

Our Brand Ambassadors are badass.  Like, BA.  Literally.  Not only because we hire the best people, but also because they have the best job ever. 1). They hand out pizza. Do you know how many friends you can make by handing out pizza? You’ll have people flocking to you faster […]

FoodCrew Challenge Medals

EatStreet HQ is a startup with startup work ethic and startup work culture.  We’ve got Beer Friday, Doggy Day, office lunches, PS4s, and more.  We’re the friendly kind of competitive and whether it’s a typing test, gallon milk challenge, or ping pong, most things come down to the loser buying […]

#GiveAndGetFed Winners

Hey!  You look good.  Like, really good.  Something’s different.  Different in a good way, but definitely different.  Have you just finished your finals or something? Maybe you slept for 16 hours straight or maybe you finally took a shower.  Whatever it is, finals are over.   Go you!  It’s official – […]


You know Spring Break will come eventually. You start planning in October, picking the top vacation spots and a prime crew to make (forgetful) memories with. Winter arrives with the blows of another academic semester hitting hard, and Spring Break is as tangible as that 4.0 you told yourself you were getting […]

Food Cupid Sweepstakes Winner

You did it! You all were so brave. So many of you unflinchingly declared food as your one true love. We hope you have released the burdens of secrecy and can enjoy the greatness of love and quenched hunger. We hope your hearts have been fulfilled and your stomachs just plain […]

Declare Your One True Love, Win Free Food

It’s time, everybody. The time has come. There have been ups and downs, late nights and early mornings, times of struggle and times of bliss. Really, just *sigh* so many memories. There have been moments that took your breath away and moments you felt like you waited forever for. There […]