The 7 Types of Drunchie-ers

This month we took a different approach when selecting our favorite #drunchies posts. Instead of limiting our late night munching favorites to simply Twitter, we turned to the always clever domain of Vine. Behold the latest compilation of #drunchies posts by people who can’t stop the craving. What kind of drunchie-er are you?

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EatStreet & Meals on Wheels Announce “Serve Up A Smile” Program

Madison, WI – The team at EatStreet is eager to announce, in honor of #GivingTuesday, the “Serve Up A Smile” program, a collaboration with the Meals on Wheels Association of America to increase the quality of life for seniors nationwide.

The “Serve Up A Smile” program combines the best of two worlds: ordering delicious food and paying it forward. As diners order food through EatStreet’s website or app, EatStreet will support Meals On Wheels Association of America with a pledged minimum annual donation of $50,000.

EatStreet CEO and cofounder Matt Howard explains, “While we’ve already pledged a donation, we ultimately hope to get our diners volunteering at one of their local Meals on Wheels partners.  It’s really easy to get involved. Our team is delivering meals on a weekly basis here in Madison, and it’s a great feeling to see the smiles at every door.”

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Food on Instagram Vs. Real Life

We all have that one friend that flaunts their Instagram account more than what is appropriately permissible. Blame it on the filters, the lighting or their endless access to quaint brunch venues; these kids just have a strong Instagram game. But before you get worked up over another perfectly placed piece of toast on a dainty plate or a cup of coffee that probably cost more than the tasteful ceramic cup its being served in, remember that these are all virtual facades of the not so distant reality. Reassure your Instagram triggered anxieties by taking a look at the cold hard truth of what food actually looks like when all the filters, planned placements and hipster restaurants are taken away. Cheers to all who embrace the inevitable moments of life’s mediocrity; they may not be as appetizing, but at least they’re honest.

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Dank Dishes on a Budget

I’m hungry and I want to be fed, but my diminishing bank account has other plans for my stomach that involve free samples at the grocery store or my roommate’s expired noodles in the pantry. Does this sad story resonate with you? If so, listen up; I’ve compiled a list of local eats available on EatStreet in Madison, Ann Arbor and Denver that are just as tasty as they are economical. Dig in.

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October’s Best #Drunchies Tweets

I present to you another round of our favorite #Drunchies posts that made an appearance on Twitter. No tweet is too desperate, hungry or inebriated for our choosing; after all this is non-judgment food-loving zone.

Want to see your drunchie-inspired Tweet on our list next time? Tweet or Instagram @EatStreet with the hashtag Drunchies.

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