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Make Santa’s Nice List This Year!

Christmas is still over a week away and that means you’ve been gorging on an egregious amount of holiday cookies, but it’s also the time of year where judgement comes down from the top. Santa is dishing out his annual Nice and Naughty Lists (with our help) and if you land on his good side, you could be in line for not only holiday bragging rights, but also some sweet, sweet prizes.

Santa’s spies sprawl across the world, including the EatStreet offices. With our help, they’ve kept the big guy in the loop. Their tinselly tips will help dictate whether or not you’ve made the Nice List or if you should be expecting a pizza box filled with coal.

Luckily, there’s a good opportunity for you to get on Mr. C’s good side. If you place an order thru 12/21 you may make the Nice List, which is the highest honor one can receive at the North Pole. Not only will you be able to take jolly joy in being CertifiedNice™, but you’ll also be gifted some awesome prizes including EatStreet cash, Amazon gift cards and more!

And for those of you naughty nutcrackers who end up on the list-we-shall-not-name, you’ll be given an opportunity to make it up to not only Santa, but to yourself as well.

We hope you have a happy holidays and that Santa’s office brings you only the merriest and festive news. Happy holidays all!