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EatStreet's Fridge Gnome Ascends to COG

EatStreet Fridge Gnome Promoted to COG

Madison, WI — April 1, 2016 — EatStreet announced today they have both created and filled the role COG, Chief Operating Gnome with the hire of Fridge Gnome. His exact duties remain unclear, but he will work with food delivery in some capacity. Gnome is a hire from within company, following a successful public awareness campaign last holiday season based on his office at EatStreet HQ, the fridge.

CEO Matt Howard staunchly defended his bold move to give a promotion to someone with virtually no experience. “We are beyond excited to have Gnome make the leap to COG,” Howard said. “It is the hope of both Gnome and myself that this may lay the way for other mythical creatures to make the leap from fantasy stories and urban legends to more human endeavors like business or pants.”

EatStreet made its claim to fame by offering an easy online ordering platform. While Gnome does not plan on changing what made the company successful, he said will be implementing new policies immediately.

“EatStreet derives most of its orders from pizza. And while pizza is lovely, I think we’ve really ignored the underrepresented market potential of many delicious foods,” Gnome said. “Because of that I hereby require all orders for pizza to be swapped out with blood sausage and tapioca pudding instead. We understand this may upset people, but we will not be providing refunds because that sounds super-duper hard, and I don’t want to.”

Gnome brings hundreds of years of experience to EatStreet including specialties in pointy hats, lawn care, and being small.

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