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Street Smarts: Back to School

Each week we ask our customers five questions about a specific topic. The winner with the best answers receives the grand prize of a $25 EatStreet gift card. So, that means that…

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The ice-pops, swimsuits, and catnaps of summer are coming to an end as school starts all across the country. With the good-bye to warm seasons and free time come the hellos to warmer clothing and reunions with friends on our favorite campuses. Whether today marks your first year as a freshman or your last as a grad student, we’re taking a moment to celebrate this thrilling week. We’ve scoured the internet and generations of pop culture references to come up with 5 questions on the best time of our lives: College.

Question 1: When were most universities in America established?

Question 2: Who was the first African American woman to get a PhD in America? (Hint: 1940)

Question 3: Did Asher Roth, the rapper of the now go-to college memory song “I Love College,” actually graduate from college?

Question 4: Collegehumor.com debuted its first ever film this year under what name?

Question 5: What is ranked as the most popular major in college right now?

Send in your answers by next Tuesday for a chance to win a $25 EatStreet gift card. We’ll pick the winner and post the answers along with it! Good luck and enjoy syllabus week, everyone!